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“Love In the Time of F — boys” Part I: How to Spot a F —boy

How provocative of me! But, unfortunately for many girls out there, this is actually a very relevant topic. I only heard the term “F—- boy” a few months ago. I was casually scrolling through IG when one of the bloggers I followed posted a pic of her giving “the finger” to “F— boys”. Of course… Read More “Love In the Time of F — boys” Part I: How to Spot a F —boy

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Healthy Homage

In honor of Woman’s History Month, I would like to salute the female condition in the best way possible by highlighting the importance of women’s health. Obviously, we only have one life to live, and if our body is our temple, then we need to worship it!  . ​Unfortunately, a lot of us women do… Read More Healthy Homage


So Who Is Gigi Nicole Anyway?

  I’ve received some messages asking some questions about who I am and what my background is. What qualifies me to talk about beauty, fitness, self-improvement, etc?         Excellent question! I have updated the “About Us” page to reflect some of my activities and accomplishments over the years. I’ve worked in the… Read More So Who Is Gigi Nicole Anyway?