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Farewell Muffin Top: In Remembrance of Confidence Snatchers by Boogie Breezy

We say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet often times, self-critiques in front of the mirror do not reflect that ideal.

At such vulnerable times, it rarely occurs to us to remember that beauty is only skin deep. Through the extra poundage, or lack there of, through the pain of the first grey, or the uncertainty of the first wrinkle, our sense of self gets questioned.

Today, however, today marks the day we will say goodbye to self-doubt.

In memory of our self-loathing past, I ask that we forego bashing ourselves and let us not think in terms of muffin top, or society’s conventions for that matter. 

From this day on, I ask you all to stand with me and celebrate our bodies, embracing any and all changes they endure. Can we not just appreciate the skin we are in?

Celebrate Women

If at any time we want to better ourselves, we have the power to do so – that’s the beauty in self worth. As a eulogy to low self esteem, we must stand tall and apply shimmer to the skin we live in.

Confidence kills self deprecation, and it’s time it be laid to rest…

RIP to all things killing our fearlessness and trying to turn our spunk into whispers. Let us all acknowledge today as the day we choose to roar with poise!

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Boogie Breezy

Boogie Breezy

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