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“Love In The Time of F—Boys” Part II: F—Boy Reformed?

A few months ago, I wrote an article titled “Love In the Time of F—Boys” Part I: How To Spot A F—Boy. It was a really popular article to say the least!

Are you dating a F---boy?

It was our most read articles to date!

I intended the second Part II of the F—Boy series to be about how to survive the effects of their duplicity. But there has been some movement in my life that has inspired me to take a different angle for this post. I will give tips on how to survive a F—Boy.

But today, I want to discuss…

what happens when a F---Boy reforms?

Most people will tell you no. Once a F—Boy always a F—Boy, right?

Can a F---Boy Reform at The GIT Girl Mag?

At one time, I would have responded there is no way a F—Boy can change his stripes. But after the past couple months, I can tell you with certainty that “I don’t know”.

If that answer confuses you, then you and I are now on the same page

You see, my F—Boy demonstrated all of the telltale signs and more. Read em HERE. He hurt me and,  and true to form, he kept plowing on, leaving a mountain of burned women in his wake.

Except he didn’t

After months of silent separation, we eventually spoke. And to my surprise, he was regretful. And not the requisite “sorry” that people say when they feel they wronged someone. But the kind of sorry that seeks to make amends. The real kind of sorry.

Sorry for being a F---Boy

It had nothing to do with entering back into a romantic relationship. That was off of the table completely. It was about forgiveness and restitution.

I know. I didn’t believe it was true either

And it took me several weeks to even entertain the possibility that he was being straight with me. I thought it was just round 539 of getting my hopes up, only to have him savagely crush them. But the more I prayed and listened, the more I came to believe he was genuine.

So where does this leave me in my thoughts on F—boys? Brace yourself ladies because I’m about to tell you the unthinkable.

Even a F—Boy can Get It Together

Mind Blown at The GIT Girl Mag

Now, I’m not suggesting that you run with free abandon back into the arms of your F—Boy. Remember, my contact with my F—boy was only after an extended period of time. And the purpose of our conversations was to gain healing, not a date. So please use extreme caution when considering opening up communication with your ex.

What I am saying is while we meet here in order to change and Get It Together, we can’t rule out that same possibility for others; even the F—Boys who hurt us.

It’s a testament to the evolution of the human spirit.

Be brave and believe in change

It doesn’t erase the hurt he caused. I may feel that for a while. But it goes a long way in restoring some of my faith in people.

I will continue to seek my healing and peace, and I hope he does the same. Now it’s time for you to continue on your healing path as well.

Have you had an experience with a F—Boy? Or have you experienced a Reformed F—Boy? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.

Until then…Get it together girl!

Gigi xo

Gigi Nicole, The GIT Girl

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