National Sisters Day 8/7/16

I talk a lot about the difficult things that happened in my life. It’s one of the ways in which I come to terms with and process past traumas.

But I also have a lot of good in my life.

Among them is my sister, Angela.

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My sister is an intelligent and creative woman with an amazing heart (You can find out more about my sister on her blog at And today, National Sisters Day, I want to take the time to acknowledge my sister for the love and support she has shown me throughout my life.

Gigi & Angela as kids
Little Gigi & Angela

Through the ups and downs. Through the failed relationships and despair, my sister has remained my supporter. When everyone else has walked away, she and my family have remained.

Gigi & Angela as young girls
Gigi & Angela at 11 & 13 years old!

I can say with honesty that I’m not sure where I’d be with her.

So today, National Sisters Day, I honor her and all of the unconditional love she has given me.

Sisters at Gigi's wedding
Angela was the Maid of Honor at my wedding

A small blog post isn’t close to what she deserves, but it comes from my heart.

I love you Angela!

Gigi & Angela after my first pageant
My sister supporting me after my first pageant

Have you been blessed with an amazing sister? Leave a comment below describing why you love your sister.

New Orleans 2016
Gigi & Angela in New Orleans 2016

 Until then…Get it together girl!

Gigi xo

Gigi Nicole, The GIT Girl

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