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Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood

Hey GIT Girls! Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood is here!

In the wake of the suspension of Tomi Lahren due to her appearance on The View, Friday, March 17, 2017, where she admits to being “Pro-Choice” as an extremely Right-Wing Republican (which is a HUGE no-no), I began to analyze my own political views and concepts of femininity through the lens of a former battered women, feminist, and Black Millennial Woman.

Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood

Living through, yes, through today’s times [I say through because though the feminist struggle has always been real, it seems to me that we are in fact going backwards in a lot of government-regulated issues pertaining to womanhood.

If you didn’t catch or hear about Tomi’s detrimental, self-imposed folly to her extreme Right Republican counterparts, check out the segment of The View, where she inevitably facilitates her own demise here.

Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood

As the complete opposite of a fan of Tomi’s, I admittedly follow her show because the amount of disagreement and offense I take personally to her stances.

It’s like a train wreck that I cannot stop watching. However, as a fellow Pro-Choicer, after watching her on The View and learning of her suspension from her show, I have to say I am utterly intrigued.

As a self-proclaimed nerd, I watched her interview and drowned myself in tangent-imposed research as I often do when a subject captivates me. Knee-deep in my probing, I came across a blog post from Your Dream Blog, entitled, “5 Problems Women Still Face in 2017”.

The Handmaiden’s Tale

That post jogged my memory of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” by Margaret Atwood, a book that I read in college now soon to be movie production but already a HULU series…stay with me girls!

While reading the blog post, it occurred to me that these 5 issues are just the surface basics of the tribulations women face today that are ingrained from society’s past. As Atwood proclaims through her novel, “Better never means better for everyone””it always means worse for some”.

Sadly, we as women know this to ring true even today concerning Women’s issues and politics (did you see that women in Texas wore Handmaid’s Tale robes to the Senate to protest abortion-related proposed bills?]:

Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood

As I read through the post, I started to have flash-backs of my college reading and analysis of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” At first, it couldn’t grasp why that particular literary work kept coming to the forefront of my mind.

That is until I started to recall the paper I wrote on the deconstruction of the piece and was reminded of the feminine dystopia that is not too far off from the world we are in danger of living today.

Fast forward through my manic research including not only googling but the pulling out of old papers, old notes, and the novel itself, I stumbled across this gem of an article from The Verge, “In Trump’s America, The Handmaid’s Tale Matters More Than Ever”.

Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood

Ah-ha, no wonder I was mentally triggering the all makes sense!


Diving deeper into this theme, in a world with the aforementioned 5 Issues in combination with the glass-ceiling, the wage gap, the government regulations of the female body and functions/choices surrounding it, from the lack of medical research of the vagina, and dismissal of the importance of attachment in regard to maternity (and paternity leave), to the hypersexualization of women, the slut-shaming, and disregard of female sexual assault victimhood, Women’s Rights continue to be placed on the back burner.

Are We Really Free

We would all like to believe we live in a “free world”.

But tell me, where’s the freedom in a world where, as Adi Robertson of The Verge states, “Women [as 50 % of the population]…get [17] percent of speaking time in film instead of [33] percent.

I recently watched Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson, who had much to say about feminism concerning this “anti-feminist” dubbed Vanity Fair photoshoot). Or hold [20] seats in the Senate instead of [30],” in a world where men dictate what is best for women and their reproductive health.

Not long ago, I had a thought as I was on a first date sharing my location via my iPhone with one of my best friends. I don’t ever recall an instance when I’ve witnessed any of my male friends do this for each other.

Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood

And I was reminded of Atwood’s famously credited quote of which she has been known for,

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them.

Women are afraid that men will kill them.”


A few years ago, I was in a bar where a guy asked me for my number, and I politely refused. His response: he forcefully pushed my shoulder causing me to fall on the floor (in a dress with no panties). I was shamed. For my lady parts exposed made me the laughing stock of the bar, and I got kicked out. I also worked there. He-he got to stay and enjoy his with night-no repercussions.

Unfortunately, this is a normalcy on a grander scale. How many female victims are disregarded and dismissed on issues even bigger than this?!

Ladies, I am a woman of principles.  I voice this fact on a regular basis in my personal life as well.

The principality of the situation is we already live in a dystopic world for women – a world where it is commonplace for real women, not just a character from “The Handmaid’s Tale” to think, “Hush, he said…You know I’ll always take care of you. I thought, already he’s starting to patronize me. Then I thought, already you’re being paranoid.”

Women have for centuries been considered “the second sex,” and it is up to US to band together, stick to our guns, turn our “disadvantages” that make men uncomfortable into viable and respected attributes, and REFUTE the age-old notion that we are less-than.

Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood


We are woman and if there was ever a more appropriate time for man to hear us ROAR, that time is NOW.

We’ve had our First Wave Feminism of the late 1800s-early 1900s (Hey Susie B.!). We’ve experienced the Second Wave Feminism of the 1950s-60s (Rosie [the Riveter], we see you girl!). And now, we enter the Third Wave of Feminism, the INTERSECTIONAL, ALL-INCLUSIVE feminism of today.

Ladies, we need each other. We need each other if for nothing more than to MAKE SURE we do not end up in the dystopic nightmare – going back to a time when our already undervalued voices become silent and provide a catalyst to a majority-accepted militant patriarchy.

Let me know your thoughts on the worth of womanhood.

Until then…get it together girl!

Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood

Modern Girl Monday: The Worth of Womanhood


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