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TGITGM Fashion

The GIT Girl Magazine has a different view of fashion compared to conventional magazines:
Price doesn’t matter. Trends don’t matter.

Feeling fashionable, being fashionable is about understanding what pieces accentuate your body and taking full advantage of that knowledge. Once you know what cuts and colors works best for you, you’ll never wonder, “How do I look in this?” again!

But before you go on a rampage and discard every article of clothing in your closet and spend hundreds of dollars on new outfits, let me be clear: being fashionable is not always about buying new, new new. The GIT Girl Magazine will show you how to:

1. Work with clothing already in your existing wardrobe.
2. Find inexpensive pieces from superior consignment shops.
3. Purchase the right signature pieces if you do buy new.

Your fashion journey will all be revealed as together we help develop Your Personal Fashion Statement.

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