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When you hear the word “Fitness” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Memories of hours of sweat and pain? Holding your breath and sucking in your stomach with fingers crossed as you step on the scale? Or maybe you’ve never really considered fitness as a large part of your life.

The GIT Girl magazines knows that exercise and fitness are key to living the energized, fulfilled life you desire. To us, fitness does not necessarily mean “skinny”. Nor does it mean you must attain physical perfection:
InstagramFitnessGoals! Uggggh.

Our concept of fitness is simple:
1. Respecting your body in its current state.
2. Developing a plan to reach your healthy, ideal weight.
3. Working towards your fitness goals by setting realistic, attainable goals.
4. Rewarding yourself for your accomplishments and enjoying life along the way!

The GIT Girl Magazine will work with you to help you discover Your Personal Fitness Statement.

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