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Breezy is an unapologetic feminist with a “Rebelle of the Ball” lifestyle.

Her keen sense of style and all things beauty- related enables her to be a reliable source of insider knowledge. Growing up in various countries has made Breezy well versed in cultural traditions, providing her a unique prospective on womanhood and the beauty of femininity and its diversity.

Boogie Breezy, a fun loving, artistic, nerdy, fashion forward, music junky has aspirations in makeup artistry and is a multi-lingual college graduate. Her excessive appreciation for the male species combined with her Alpha Femme qualities makes for an unfiltered, nontraditional, hilariously unproductive and, at times, wildly successful love life.

Her excessive appetite for living out loud gives her the ability to take the reins and share her stories and perspectives in hopes of inspiring and/or entertaining others.

A renegade. A believer. A nonconforming DIVA who practices Girl Power to the fullest while living her eccentric, untamed version of life.